Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mother Earth's Folly

From time to time I like to sit and ponder on Autumn and this came to me one cool Fall day in North Pole.

Mother Earth's Folly

As Mother Earth sits waiting....
does she ponder what she's done?
For though summer's greenery once clothed her,
she's finding she now has none.

Mother Earth was tricked you see,
by Autumn's promise of beauty resplendent.
Plying with robes of gold and crimson,
on Earth's vainglory was Autumn dependent.

Only Autumn knew the truth,
of how quickly would her wares.....
fade, fall away and be gone,

leaving Earth cold and stripped bare.

Soon will come Old Man Winter,
with his blankets of soft pure white.
Out of kindness he will clothe her....
having had pity on Mother Earth's plight.

But for now she sits awaiting....
Earth's bareness for all to see.
A lesson there's no mistaking,
of the folly of vanity.

Sheryl Parsons

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