Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Another Reason to Fall Into the Holidays

Autumn lives in our community right now. 
Golden carpets soften once verdant lawns,  
sidewalks yield to crispy piles of leaves.
The mountains streaked with stripes of yellow and rust,
among forest pinacles....
stand in contrast to the pastel skies above.

Another Santa awaits a new home, perfect for decorating throughout the rest of the year.
Why not learn more about him at MothersDreamRtworks


Jan Conwell said...

I confess I'm jealous that you have an Autumn where you live. We don't have much of it--cooler temperatures, yes; but falling leaves, no. Enjoy! (And your Santa is amazing.)

Sheryl Parsons said...

Thank you Jan! I would probably shrivel up and die without some sort of access to Autumn scenery...lol. It's a wonderful time of year for sure. I hope your week is going well. :-)