Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lamplight Gourd Santa

The weather forecast says it's sunny outside, but it actually looks rather frightful! Snow covered peaks are wreathed in light snow showers and it's drizzling here in the valley. I hope it doesn't cool off as that would make travel home a bit dicey.  Perhaps I should bring Lamplight Santa with me to light the way, just in case. One thing I know for sure, I hope to leave early, as it's hard to see black cows out on the freeway at night. Or I could just follow a semi truck home and let him be my cattle 
So what all that has to do with the Santa above is just in the phrase, "the weather outside is frightful", echoes of Christmas still playing in my mind. :-) Time to finish packing and then see where my Hive updates are going to as they haven't been hitting my inbox. Here's where you can find Lamplighter Santa.... ETSY

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