Saturday, January 7, 2012

The hippie in me....

 More of my "hippie art" as hubby calls, it, which has brought out the freedom in creativity in me I suppose. My first one will be a Valentine piece, with love all through it. Still pondering the color scheme, but I think I have it nailed. First off I need to gesso this though as the texture will wipe off if I don't.
 A sunny sunflower I started last Autumn before everything got crazy around here. Time to add another layer of paint, and wipe and dab, and push color around.
Something for winter, that I didn't get to finish, so I thought I'd better get to this one and not leave it sitting around. I will finish it and then add it to my website or etsy shop, haven't decided yet. There are so many possibilities for themes with these, but I first want to try some random abstracts, just for giggles. What medium gives you the most freedom of expression?

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