Monday, November 29, 2010

Saying goodbye to Thanksgiving

With a bit of sadness I put away Thanksgiving yesterday. The weekend went by way too fast and now it seems as if we are hurdling toward the end of the year at lightening speed! Where has the time gone? Into the tote went the Indian corn and hand carved log pumpkins that I made a few years ago here in Utah, the Indian string doll family that was created almost 20 years ago when we lived in Alaska, went in the box with the hand carved Indian maiden gourd ornament from Diane McNaughton, as well as my new pumpkin ornaments for my new feather tree from Willow Springs Family Farm. I had just barely got the new ornaments done and now they are put away until next year..... already. The ceramic turkey condiment set I got in Alabama this year is stashed in the buffet and all is ready for Christmas.
Gee, when I think about it, my Autumn/Thanksgiving decor is a gathering of memories and times in nine different homes. Next year I hope to have more ornaments created for my feather tree. Perhaps some bluish green pumpkins, some beeswax turkeys and some tiny Indian corn.
It's certainly looking like Christmas outside right now, with skiffs of snow on the ground and dusting our desert peaks. So tonight I finish setting out the Nativity, getting the tree ready to decorate, and hanging the garlands with lights. The Santa collection is out on the breakfast bar already, and the wreath is on the door. The ribbons are hung on the cabinet doors in the living room, waiting for the first Christmas cards of the year to arrive. The wind is much too cold to be outside in, so decorating the porch will have to wait until things get warmer.
So goodbye Thanksgiving, until next year. Things will be different then, they are already changing. Let's hope and pray it will be for the better......


Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

What a gorgeous Autumn & Thanksgiving display! I love the feather tree and the tiny pumpkins!
I noticed you and I have the same turkey's :)I love mine, they are the first to come out of the box during the season.
I feel honored that you display the Indian maiden ornie that you purchased from me several years ago.
It is fun to see how your work is displayed in the buyers home.

Were you hit with that huge storm yesterday? We received 9 inches of slick snow.. It was a good day for homemade Turkey noodle soup!


Sheryl Parsons said...

Creative minds! Thanks Diane, I love the ornament you did so it has a special place in my collection. I love my new turkeys, they are fun.

The storm blew right by us, literally! So far over the weekend we got a total of 2 inches. It's till windy here and I'm looking forward to it going away. :-) Stay safe out there!