Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Fishy WIP

Sometimes you see something so cool you want to try to make it for yourself. A dear friend and I are working on a fish wall hanging for her as she saw one she fell in love with. We put this one together as a team, but she wants to make another one with me just supervising. It will be fun to see what she ends up with. This handsome salmon will be sectioned where the deep lines are and hung from copper wire with beads and driftwood between each section. We are waiting for the top to dry enough to flip this over and take the mold out so the back can dry. We call ourselves the 2 Portugees as we both have Portuguese ancestors. Who woulda thought I could come to Oregon and meet someone I could call my sister in


Ev said...

Would love to see the finished fishy, Sheryl... looks very interesting. Fun to do something so different for a change, ehe?

Sheryl Parsons said...

Thanks Ev! We got sidetracked for a bit, but are now ready to get started when I get back from Portland. Thanks for stopping by!