Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Every weekday as I head out the door I'm loaded down with my laptop and tub of projects. These are what I brought with me today. Two driftwood chunks that will have clay elements for a different twist on my usual driftwood Santas, two egg gourd Santa ornaments, that just need to have the finishing touches on their painting done, two clay pendants, one a black cat, and the other a Santa, one bottle Santa that needs painted, and a large gourd that I am getting ready to work on. He will need a bit of stabilizing as he wobbles a bit so I will be painting the whole piece as opposed to leaving the natural shell show.
With the gourd Santa figures, I like to turn the gourd around and around, getting a feel for where the face should go. I always start with the face, and that usually reveals the theme each Santa will take on. Sometimes I do preliminary sketches, because I already have a specific concept in mind, but sometimes I just go with the flow and let things come to light on their own. How about you? Are you a sketcher of ideas, or do you just let things happen?


Chicken Lips said...

So many possibilities here! I know you are going to create something wonderful!

Sheryl Parsons said...

Thank you David! Here's to letting the creative juices flow!


Doreen said...

I love those gourds..I've tried to grow them for three years now and..NOTHING! They refuse to grow in my garden..no idea what i'm doing wrong.

I'm like you with my work...I rarely ever sketch things out..I may jot down an idea...but that's usually as far as it goes...more often than not..I just start with an idea of what I want something to look like and it develops from there. I wholeheartedly believe in letting the piece speak for itself and tell me who it wants to be :)

Have a great day & thank you ever so much for popping in to say hello.


anotherlinda said...

Hi Sheryl! How exciting to see your "before" pictures and then I wait till I see them finished.
You said that you have these things with you as you go out the door everyday. Where are you going?
I will make a pattern and then stitch and stuff it but then I turn the piece around to decide which side I should use and I just start painting the face, never sure of what it will be...it's funny because sometimes it will resemble one of my children or grandchildren. My husband asks me how I did that and I tell him I don't know..it wasn't planned!
Good luck to you sweet friend!

Sheryl Parsons said...

I know what you mean Doreen, I tried to grow them once and they didn't sprout at all inspite of my following the instructions. I leave that to those who can and get mine on ebay. :-)

Sheryl Parsons said...

Hi Linda, I'm tending twins and sometimes my grandson during the day. I go to the twins home as it's easier all around. Thus I take my work basket, and laptop, so that when they are sleeping and when my Emmettator isn't here I can get work done. Nights seem to get sucked up in meetings and such so there's only so much time to create. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Your grandchildren must be adorable as the faces on your creations are so sweet and darling.