Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Halloween Tree

If I could I would have a tree up year round to dress up. I would start in January with a (gasp) naked tree, and add snowman ornaments, and or snowflakes. February would see hearts and Americana possibly? March, well lions and lambs of course, April could be little little umbrellas and so on, until by December the tree would be full and glorious!

Alas, my home isn't big enough for a full size tree to be out all the time, so I have three feather trees, Easter, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Of course the full size tree and several small ones come out for Christmas, but I will settle for the feather trees otherwise.

For now, it's Halloween creativity time, with a dash of a Santa or two in the works. Oh yes, it comes ever so quickly so I'm going to be working like a mad elf, to get ready before showtimes.

This little fella is available at my etsy shop by clicking on - MothersDreamRtworks

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