Saturday, February 23, 2013

Soon to be March madness and WIPS

 As I headed out the door this morning I was greeted with a gust of cool air. The wind jostled me as I headed up the hill and the thought occurred to me that March might just roar in like a lion. I was hoping to beat the impending storm and get a full 30 to 40 minutes of slog in, but the clouds swirled around the sky, shutting off the sunlight over the mountains. I looked behind me to the west and saw a solid wall of white. Soon my face was covered with crystal pellets, and I was assaulted by the wind, so I trudged around the block and back towards the house, holding my wooly mitten over the right side of my face to block off the icy flakes smashing against my cheek. As folks drove by, I know they thought I was nuts, two ladies who got out of their car to go see what an estate sale had to offer shouted, "Look at you!" or something like that. I managed 20 minutes before I had to come home.

Now I'm in my studio, ready to tackle several projects. There's a bunny I'm finishing up for ebay, another that might be for a charity auction if I haven't missed the deadline. I've been feeling pretty poorly up until today, so I may be too late. I also have an Expressionist piece for our art society meeting that I need to finish, a demo set up for the same night, and a lesson to finish putting the last touches on for tomorrow. There's a towel blocking the icy cold from the stairway, shoved under the studio door, and a little heater set up to keep me toasty. I'm hoping this will be a productive day! In the meantime, Mother Nature continues her blustering outside.

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