Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Broken China Heart Pendants

When we lived in the west desert of Utah we loved to explore the different dirt roads for treasures. We came upon an abandoned dump from an old mine about 8 years ago, where there were remnants of broken china and depression glass, eek! We will never know if someone intentionally broke up the kitchenware but we found fragments of Jadeite and gorgeous depression glass bowls and such. I'm such a collector I gathered up bits and pieces of the most intriguing pieces to bring home and use in some creation or another. I initially planned on creating mosaics with the pieces, but never got around to it. Well today I pulled out some of the pieces and created some pendants for necklaces. The two hearts were easy as the broken pieces already had a somewhat heart shape to them. I'm itching to get them turned into a one of a kind jewelry creation so I'm off to the table to play with beads and chain.


Suzy said...

How did you get the edges so smooth?

Sheryl Parsons said...

Hi Suzy, I use a glass grinder to smooth the edges. Thanks for stopping by!

willow said...

how did you shape the broken china into a heart shape?