Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spreading a little love for a collector....

Whew! Finally got a word in, and a photo or two. I don't understand why, but blogger and Firefox aren't compatible anymore, so here I am on Safari. No matter, I had a collector contact me about my giveaway ornament at the PFATT Valentine Giveaway and wanted something similar. She was willing to pay so why would I I do think though, that you should stop by the giveaway because there are so many wonderful goodies, who knows, you may be a winner!

These 4 came about because of her request, in order to offer choices, and they are available if you are interested. They are reversible, a face on one side and the saying on the other. "Be Mine" and "True Love" are the sayings and these are very reasonable. If interested drop me a line.
Do I seem a bit scrambled here? Well I am, no sleep will do that to a person. My creative muse in writing has flown the coop as I lost it with the sleep I've lost all week. Thank goodness for the weekend!

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