Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finished Art Work

I'm done, fini, whew! Some things are harder than others, and this one was a doozy! Primarily because I was working off of a small photo, and I have never done a sheep before. I have a tendency to be too detailed, and so I'm really trying to loosen up but some things I still need to learn. Not bad for a self taught artist though, so onward and upward. And yes, Linda, you were close!


magikalseasons said...

You know I really thought this was a photo! Great work!!!:)

anotherlinda said...

Terrific job my friend! Well I was sorta close cuz I named every farm animal I could think of! What are your plans for this masterpiece?
By the way, it's really warming up down south in are the temps in your neck of the woods now?

snippetgirl said...

This is AWESOME, Sheryl! I adore it. I saw your post yesterday and hoped that a farm animal would be the last touch :). What size is the painting?

Sheryl Parsons said...

Thanks magikalseasons! I don't know your name otherwise I would use it. I appreciate you stopping by so often!
Linda, I am not sure about this piece. Was thinking the art show, but probably not. Hubby and I are on the fence about this one.
It was supposed to be warmer today than it ended up being, but it may rain tonight and the scent of rain mixed with pines is delicious! How warm are things down your way?
Thank you Carrie, it's a 16 x 20 on canvas board.
You ladies are awesome!