Sunday, January 11, 2009

American Holiday Artists and a day of rest

If you are looking for something beautiful to ponder go to the AHA blog and see what some of our artists are cooking up. There are bunnies, and horses, and kitty's and more. Our wonderful director Suzanne Urban has guided us in bringing on board the best of the best in creative arts. We have an excellent role of artisans who are from all walks of life, but who have the same goal to bring beauty and joy into the lives of their collectors. Come take a peek and you will see what I mean.

For those who like a moment of reflection here's a wonderful Sabbath day poem I found that I would like to share.

A Day of Quietude by Reid Crowell
It would not be at all amiss if we
Took one whole day to live deliberately....
To leave the ceaseless whirl and seek a lane
And walk its peaceful, shadowed length again
With thoughts attuned to nature's growing things;
To hear the feathered whir of thrushes' wings,
To stand in silence by a curving stream,
Unruffled by a vagu or fretful scheme;
To hearken to the whisper of the grass
As over it the playful breezes pass,
To bring our scattered selves to bear until
We really see the sky beyond the hill.
To have an evening meal with prayerful grace,
To note attention to a spoken word
And try to show we have truly heard;
To gain a calm in which to hear a sage
Speak from the frame of some old classic's page.
And underneath the sprinkle of the stars
Look upward from the earth and all its scars.
We would face days ahead in better mood
For living one bright day in quietude.


suzanne.artist said...

Lovely verse, quietude-unfortunately not something I experience much of.

Suzanne in CT

Sheryl Parsons said...

Aahhh Suzanne. When you get as old as me, you will learn to steal the moments and just let some things go. Perhaps because you've run out of energy....:-). You are one of the hardest working folks I know.


suzanne.artist said...

Hi Sheryl!

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Glad you signed on for my free blog give-a-way too this week!